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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I be sure I am booking a professional service?

For your peace of mind, certificates demonstrating qualifications in health and hygiene practices and current public liability insurance can be made available for inspection by the event organiser.  Additionally, we are registered with HMRC to ensure that our business is legal and pays all appropriate taxes.

What products do you use?

All of the products we use are professional quality cosmetic materials which comply with UK & EU cosmetic industry regulations. 

Frequently used brands include: Superstar, Cameleon, Party Xplosion, Diamond FX, TAG, Face Paints Australia, Global, Fusion, MehronKryolan, Ben Nye, Bioglitter, and AirbrushFX UK.

What are the Health & Safety considerations?

All equipment is cleaned and sterilised after each event.  During an event, fresh sponges are used for each person and water pots are regularly emptied and refilled with clean water and sterilising medium to combat the Covid-19 virus and other pathogens.


There will occasionally be circumstances which mean that it is not advisable to paint or apply glitter tattoos to someone.  This is out of concern for those individuals themselves, for other people that wish to be painted, for protection of the materials, and for my own safety.

​If you have concerns about skin sensitivity, please mention this before painting starts so that we can offer a patch test.  Note that I am not responsible for any reactions to paint or glitter tattoo products.


Conditions which prevent painting / application of temporary ink or glitter tattoos:


​​Conditions which restrict painting / application of temporary tattoos:





How do I remove face paint?

Face paints can be easily removed using mild soap and water, and must always be removed before going to bed.


The most effective method is to use soap, gently massaging the lather into the paint to lift it before wiping away with a damp cloth and rinsing with clean, lukewarm water.  Some colours may leave a trace after the first wash, in which case try applying a small amount of baby oil to the skin and then washing again after about 5 minutes. If any faint traces still remain they will naturally fade over the next day or so.


The longer paints are left on the skin, the greater the chance they will leave trace.  Please do not scrub at skin to remove residual colour. This will cause skin irritation and discomfort as a result of the way the skin is treated, not because of the products.

It is not recommended to use baby wipes or cosmetic wipes for removing face paint.  Wipes contain a variety of cleansing ingredients and we cannot guarantee their safe use for removal of face paints.

How do I care for / remove temporary tattoos?

If looked after properly, a temporary glitter or ink tattoo can last for up to seven days.  They will survive showers and swimming pools provided they are not scrubbed at and are left to air dry rather than being rubbed with a towel.  

The adhesive and inks used for temporary tattoos break down when treated with oily products, so be careful with moisturisers unless you want to use it to remove the tattoo.


Products which can be used to remove a temporary tattoo are: baby oil, coconut oil, body lotion, or sun / after-sun lotion.  Again, do not scrub at the skin to remove a tattoo as this could cause skin irritation and discomfort.

Are you available for our event?  We can't pay you, but it will be great exposure!

As much as we would like to support every charity that asks, face painting is how we earn our income and experience over the years has proven that donating our time, skills, and supplies in this way does not generate the return that many fundraisers hope it will.  Even charging attendees has proven to us that small events with little footfall results in us making a loss on the day - and that's before the expected donation for attending.  Unlike traders with goods for sale, we have no stock to sell elsewhere and recoup losses; we are an entertainment service and our product is us.

If you are organising a charity event and would like to include face painting as an attraction, we would suggest approaching a local business to sponsor the entertainment and display a banner advertising their sponsorship.  Some companies are happy to do this as part of their charitable giving targets and may be able to offset such sponsorship against their tax liability.  Win-win!

  • Cold Sores

  • Conjunctivitis

  • Impetigo

  • Influenza ('flu)

  • Active chicken pox

  • Severe acne

  • Open cuts, wounds, or new bruising

  • Sunburn / flaking skin

  • Known make-up allergies

  • Intolerance to latex

  • Verbal abuse

  • Alcohol / drug intoxication

  • Styes

  • Recent chicken pox

  • Heavy cold

  • Eczema / dermatitis

  • Recent bruising

  • Lanolin intolerance

  • Children not sitting still

  • Excessive hair (glitter tattoos)

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