No two events are exactly the same and it is recommended to get in touch so we can discuss your requirements and tailor a service according to your needs and budget.  As a guide, we estimate that we serve approximately 12 guests with a face paint or glitter tattoo in an hour.  This is so that all guests have an opportunity to choose their design and have it applied while being made to feel special as part of your event.


Bookings must be confirmed in writing and a non-refundable booking fee of 20% will be required to secure our service.


On the Day


Merry Brush staff will arrive at least 20 minutes prior to the agreed start time in order to set-up equipment ready for the event to begin.  Please arrange for a car parking space to be made available close to the set up area at the event so that unloading and set up can be carried out efficiently.  This is particularly important if there is any reason why parking at the event could be difficult, such as if the event is located in an area that operates parking permits.


If the event is to be held outdoors you must provide suitable shelter for the artist and their materials so as to protect them from the weather (both sun and rain).  In the event you are unable to provide such shelter this must be made clear at the time of booking so that Merry Brush can provide their own.


Work will continue without a break until as many guests as possible who wish to be painted have been attended to within the booked period.  Please do not arrange for a party tea to be served during the booked hours so that the event runs as efficiently as possible.  However, if this cannot be avoided, work will continue as effectively as possible given those circumstances.


If there are more guests to be attended to than had been discussed at the time of booking, it will be at the artist's discretion whether or not they can be accommodated as this may have an impact on other commitments.


The following individuals will not be painted or have glitter tattoos applied under any circumstances:

  • children under three years of age;

  • anyone with a skin disease or disorder, or who is too unwell to be painted;

  • anyone under the influence of alcohol, or who uses threatening behaviour. 

A disclaimer to this effect will be displayed at the event.  Please see the FAQ page for a more detailed explanation of conditions and circumstances which may prevent or limit service.


It will not be possible to set up equipment again after the process of packing away has begun.  If there is a late arrival to the event, please do not ask for an exception to be made.  This is unfair on the artist and event host, and it would be upsetting to cause distress to either them or the late arrival.


All guests will be given a Merry Brush business card so that they have contact information should they have any issues or queries.  Please advise beforehand if there is any reason why this would be inappropriate at your event.




Notice to cancel a booking must be given in writing / by email no fewer than seven days prior to the event.  A cancellation fee of 75% of the booking value will be charged if this condition is not met.


Cancellation on the day of the event will incur payment in full.

Cancellation fees may be waived if the booking is rearranged for a mutually convenient time at the point of cancellation, and the rearranged booking is within 30 days of the original date.